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Forging process analysis of the importance of safety in
Jan 07, 2017

Forging shop has high temperatures and forging equipment, there are many security risks, require staff to be focused, in strict compliance with the relevant safety requirements and safety procedures.
Forge shop common accidents are: mechanical trauma, by a variety of machines and equipment, tool or workpiece directly caused by scratches, injured and wounded; Burns, by high temperature metal or tool and burn; electric shock, because the operator creationists caution caused by leakage or electrical equipment. In order to avoid accidents from happening, to comply with the following safety rules:
1. Into the workshop should be required to wear PPE; workshop within the commands, in the required activity, not carelessly;
2. Before working with forging blanks should be selected sizes and shapes suitable pliers and other tools, and check the safety and reliability of the tool:
3. Workshop corridor should remain open, hot forging, or tools may not be placed in the aisles; pliers for forgings shall not throw transmissions in prison, as far as efficiency low position transfer;
4. Metacarpal finger clamp must not be placed between the two grip, grip tip may not be against the chest and abdominal parts;
5. Hammer should always check that the hammer is loose, at the beginner learn to hold up, with-swing:
6. In the forging process, blanks, mold, tool, should be placed in the middle of the anvil, avoid strike accident and feet clear the anvil of oxide skin and touch before the forging, forged after the blank;
7. Not blow cold or burning for blank against forging forging forging temperatures;
8. At the end, should be tools, forging blank in order within the specified location, flammable items away from heat source or isolation, improving environmental health.