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Maintenance and reformation of the cold rolling mill to the principles
Jan 07, 2017

If a fault occurs during use of cold rolling mill, resulting in the machine is not working properly, then the customer will carry out maintenance on the aircraft. Mill maintenance work should not blindly and aimlessly, should be carried out in accordance with certain principles. Mill maintenance should be carried out in accordance with the principles of it? Jindi, gongyi metallurgy equipment limited company for you to explain the principles of maintenance of cold rolling mill.
Mill maintenance work is not simply through their technical work to solve specific technical problems, but needs the different categories of professional and technical personnel to solve some common problems and best practices, in the most economical way to resolve it. Mill maintenance principles must be guaranteed through use of mill machinery requirements, and meets the standard requirements for reliability, durability and must be a minimum of manpower, material resources and shorter time to meet this requirement. Mill maintenance should strive to reduce the mechanical life-cycle costs of inputs, in cold rolling operations to use reasonable technical machinery, and to improve the efficiency of maintenance work. Proceeding from reality, for different production conditions, using different repair methods. Based on regular maintenance, implementation of condition monitoring maintenance, to improve service quality and efficiency.
Mill maintenance personnel skill level should be strengthened. Who is subject to rolling mill machinery maintenance, so in principle of mechanical maintenance is mainly covered in human factors, any work done, man is the first around the repair machinery, improve people's overall quality is the core, through practical training programs, so that maintenance personnel quality and maintenance skills meet the maintenance requirements of mill machinery.