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Necessity of the cold rolling mill bearings cleaning
Jan 07, 2017

Necessity of the cold rolling mill bearings cleaning

Maintenance of cold rolling mill for proper cleaning is the first step, allows the device to have in good condition can be put to work, cleaning a set of procedures on the cold rolling mill:

First, clean up the debris on the surface of the device, such as residual oil and iron impurities and so on; then use the putty knife to clear the box of oil, and gasoline and cut cloth bearing boxes of cleaning all the parts again, don't forget the oil holes with compressed air blowing clean to ensure its smooth clean. Then you need a file to use, purpose of bearing box lid on parts such as deburring and polished way to remove rust and marks.

But this is not over, after she finished cleaning the components for a comprehensive examination, the main thing is their size, but also surface grease in the bearing bore to ensure cold mill housings back best