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Potential of the environment for the development and market demand of cold rolling mill
Jan 07, 2017

Cold rolled machine of demand from development of early to now of new cold rolled machine equipment of gradually mature Zhiji has been in rose trend, cold rolled machine demand of increased, prompted with steel processing equipment of development manufacturers on technology of introduced consciousness, eventually rendering in products Shang of more style cold rolled machine form of diversification can see, production environment of live let cold rolled machine technology has has constantly of progress, makes whole industry of development has has is big of breakthrough progress.
Jindi metallurgical machinery equipment co, Ltd is a specialized steel processing equipment and aluminum-copper rolling mill and other equipment manufacturers, after decades of development, independent research and development 5mm~12mm cold rolling mill equipment made up for the market vacancy of cold rolled ribbed bar production line equipment, individual enterprise and steel raw materials production and processing enterprises will be free flanks two level and three-level bar, equipment being used all around the world! Cold rolling mill in use have maintained a very good case, for mechanization of industrial look, innovative new cold rolling mill and progress is imperative. With a variety of cold rolling mill equipment product market, industries and enterprises towards the diversification of the development direction. Technologies in order to drive the promotion function, cold rolling mill of the market will have greater development potential!