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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Cold-rolled And Hot-rolled
Jan 07, 2017

Advantages and disadvantages of hot-rolled:
Advantages: can damage the ingot casting, refined steel grain and microstructure of elimination of defects, making compact steel organization, improved mechanical properties. This improvement is mainly reflected in the rolling direction, making steel to some extent no longer isotropic; forming bubbles, cracks and loose when pouring, or can be welded under high temperature and pressure.
1. After passing through the hot-rolled steel non-metallic inclusions within the (mainly sulphides and oxides, silicates) are laminate, the layered (sandwich). Layering the steel thickness tensile performance deteriorated significantly, and may the weld contraction appears torn. Welding contraction of local strain often reaches the yield point of strain induced by several times, much larger than the load caused by the strain;
2. residual stresses caused by uneven cooling. Residual stress in the absence of external force of self-equilibrium stress inside, various sections of hot-rolled steel has such residual stress, General section size increases, greater residual stresses. Residual stresses are balance, but also the performance of steel members under external force is affected. Such as deformation, stability, resistance to fatigue, may have an adverse effect.
Advantages and disadvantages of cold rolling mill:
Advantages: speed, high output, and no damage to the coating, you can create a wide variety of sections, and the need to adapt to the conditions of use; have a large plastic deformation of the cold-rolled steel, which improves the yield point of steel.
1. Although no after hot plastic forming process compression, but there are still residual stress within the section, have an impact on the characteristics of global and local buckling of steel;
2. cold rolled steel style is generally open sections, sections free of lower torsional stiffness. Niti reverse bending, compression prone to bending-torsional buckling and torsional performance;
3. cold-formed steel wall thickness is small, in the corner of the plates converge was no thickening, under concentrated loads of local capacity is weak.