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Can Not Ignore The Drawing Machine Mold Maintenance
Aug 18, 2017

Can not ignore the Drawing Machine mold maintenance
Usually the Drawing Machine is always used for long-term use of drawing template, because of its operation when the mold wall will always be a different wire of the strong erosion and friction, usually cause some wear and tear, usually in the material into the place where the formation of a small dent The If there is a cable die ring groove, will accelerate the wear and tear of the template, if not timely repair, the loss will continue to increase, and then will greatly increase the difficulty of repair, serious words will make the ring groove deeper cracks, Completely broken broken scrap.
To avoid this situation, the operator must be based on the daily work of the fine experience, for the wire Drawing Machine equipment, a set of routine maintenance standards. During the operation, once the template has a slight wear, to be timely polishing, so that the template can be restored in a short time to the original polishing state, and its hole size will not have much change.
A mechanical device that can provide a very accurate and smooth linear velocity is commendable, and the Drawing Machine is one of such devices whose system is very demanding for speed control.
 Drawing Machine is a commonly used processing equipment, which is a combination of many precision components, with the technical progress and functional improvement, Drawing Machine for the field is also constantly expanding. In order to obtain a good drawing effect, the production process must control its relationship with the empty variable, which contains the specific content?
If the relationship between the drawing process and the controlled variable as a basis, then the Drawing Machine can be divided into two types of control type, one is the direct indicator control, there is a indirect index control. The so-called direct index control, refers to the controlled variable itself needs to control the process indicators; but in fact because of various restrictions can not be directly obtained, so only indirect control.
No matter which side, have a direct impact on the operation of the Drawing Machine, so the important relationship between them is beyond doubt. As a user of us, we should also be aware of this and strengthen our focus on this.
Of course, is to change the direction of change, for the wire Drawing Machine, the most urgent need to transform is its energy-saving technology. In the impact of the mechanical function of the wire Drawing Machine itself on the basis of the implementation of a lot of transformation technology, but I do not know how effective?
At present the market launch of the wire Drawing Machine consumption is a bit big, so the need for a corresponding energy-saving technology to be used, after a real attempt, found that the biggest feature of the wire Drawing Machine is to save power to 55%; and greatly improve the power supply transformer Degree, can install more production equipment.
Second, the speed of the wire Drawing Machine to warm up the speed has also been effectively improved, under the same conditions can be pulled out of 3 to 4 silk, greatly increased production. In addition, the plant also reduced the cost of ventilation cooling costs, improve the production site environment.
Drawing Machine is widely used in industrial applications, a mechanical equipment, in the actual operation process, different users for the line of the requirements are different, so the wire Drawing Machine should be targeted to deal with. The following is about this knowledge to explain, you can help us better grasp the wire Drawing Machine.
The first is on the treatment of snow pattern, which is generally for the side tube, because the process has a certain degree of difficulty, so most will choose automatic Drawing Machine. But also on the machine speed, swing frequency and so on to the color of the provisions, otherwise the line is easy to meet the requirements; In addition, the choice of grinding material is also very critical, directly affect the snow pattern of visual and feel effect on the current For example, with the drawing wheel or nylon belt more.