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Causes Of Cracks In Graphite Die Processing
Jul 18, 2017

Causes of cracks in Graphite Die processing

The Graphite Die can be used to process the Graphite Die. It will seriously affect the mechanical properties of the Graphite Die. The Graphite Die will be broken when used, which will seriously affect the life of the Graphite Die. So what causes the Graphite Die to harden and crack? Let's take a look at the electronic sintering Graphite Die manufacturers.

(1) the Graphite Die steel is confused, and the actual steel quenching temperature is much lower than the quenching temperature of the Graphite Die material (such as the GCr15 steel as 3Cr2W8V steel).

(2) before the graphite die steel is quenched, the correct spherification process is not carried out and the spheroidization is not good.

(3) Graphite Die quenching heating temperature is too high or the heat preservation time is too long.

(4) the Graphite Die is improperly placed in the furnace, and it is prone to overheating in the area near the electrode or heating element.

(5) in the Graphite Die with larger cross section change, the parameters of quenching heating process are improperly selected, and it can overheat in thin sections and sharp corners.

This is the cause of the hardening of Graphite Die. I hope you can help us to make Graphite Die. Jie cheng graphite professional manufacturing all kinds of graphite products and Graphite Die, including electronic sintering Graphite Die, graphite for continuous casting mould, soaking Graphite Die and diamond graphite mold products such as superior performance, customers behind them. Welcome to inquire if necessary.

Graphite Die cleaning is a key process in the maintenance and maintenance of Graphite Die. Because the graphite mold manufacturing development far faster than the speed of the graphite mold cleaning speed, and Graphite Die immediately after a quick cleaning and to prepare for the next production, this leaves Graphite Die cleaning time is quite limited. Next, let's take a look at the Graphite Die cleaning considerations.

Notes for cleaning of Graphite Die:

Systematic Graphite Die maintenance is based on the continuity of maintenance requirements and maintenance operations. In order to achieve the goal of "cost effectiveness", clean Graphite Die must pay attention to: make detailed Graphite Die cleaning plan. When cleaning the different parts of the Graphite Die, such as internal cleaning of the press, wiping along the edge, regular cleaning and cleaning of main parts, the method of cleaning operation is also different.

In the Graphite Die would run cycle and after plating wear, track markers and Graphite Die in the vent and vent area residue content after the appearance of the test, technical personnel can be through a visual inspection to determine the Graphite Die cleaning procedures and frequency. Therefore, it is very important to know the cycle of Graphite Die safe operation and to archive the accumulated quantity and wear of the Graphite Die.

The Graphite Die has a certain operating cycle, and all graphite molds should be accompanied by relevant maintenance procedures and maintenance cycle documentation. In general, the operation condition of the internal oil level and gear, sliding block, internal axle pin and axle lining and other moving parts is the key to ensure stable production. Other factors affecting production include the contamination or blockage of waterline and water-jet drinking water, leakage of manifold leakage, rust and corrosion caused by water leakage or condensation.