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Characteristics And Working Principle Of Continuous Casting Machine
Jul 07, 2017

Characteristics and working principle of Continuous Casting Machine

Shield casting machine has reasonable structure, convenient and safe and reliable operation etc., applicable to the cages, rabbit cage, construction, all kinds of wire mesh, shule plate wire plug truncation and special-shaped wire mesh with straightening.

* features and features

1. There is no error in cutting the length of the steel bar.

2. Double header,

3. When the last meter of reinforcement is pulled out,

4. The construction wire adopts tungsten steel mould,

5. The product wire adopts ball terminal mode, and the steel bar will not hurt the surface.

* adjust the working principle of long cutting machine

The original mechanical tuning fixed-length cutting machine, straight reinforced by plate material on the shelf after entered into the cylinder, the appropriate adjustment of straightening block screws, tighten straightening blocks at different eccentric position,Continuous Casting Machine so that for different sizes or different reinforced straightening. The straightening scheme has gaussian curve, sinusoidal and cosine curve, respectively applicable to different diameters and different yield strength reinforcement. After adjusting the multi-plate reinforcing bar, the straightening block will produce wear and tear. At this time, the adjustment should be adjusted to ensure the straightening effect. The main transmission box and the traction roller of the Continuous Casting Machine, the mechanical speed reduction mechanism in the transmission box will reduce the motor speed, and drive the active pressure roller (upper roller) rotation. Feeding, rotating the eccentric handle, make on the roller is raised, Continuous Casting Machine on will be reinforced through the roller and press roller (passive roller) between the V groove, and then reverse rotating eccentric handle, make the roller down, up and down two roller clamping reinforced state. The size of the steel reinforcement depends on the holding force between the rollers. In the connecting rod connected with the roller mechanical one spring is connected with the, the spring pressure on roller, pressure roller traction is proportional to the pressure, the reason of different diameter and the material of steel should choose different spring pressure, thus better grip and traction bar. At the same time, in order to prevent the tangential phenomenon during shear, when the bar is stopped, there should be obvious slip between reinforcement and pressure roller. Therefore, the adjustment of spring pressure is the key to the normal operation of the caster. Transmission case of eccentric shaft in double slider mechanism drives the hammer as a vertical straight line reciprocating movement, Continuous Casting Machine the shear mechanism of taichung with incised on the knife, as in a party of knife cutter enters under the hammer head, cutter by hammer and realize the bar cutting work. After the steel bar is interrupted, the square tool is reset by pull rod spring. Rack is fixed length of adjusting cutter institutions, the rack is used to set a long scale plate, according to the need to adjust the length of the scale plate on the brace position, and adjust the brace spring pressure, can cause the straightening steel roof dynamic scale plate, Continuous Casting Machine and want to be in steel have been cut knife behind the table can be reset in a timely manner. When the ceiling plate of the rebar is moved in place, the ruler is moved by the ruler plate, and the drag blade is cut under the hammer head. After the shear is finished, the square blade is reset by pull rod spring. When the reinforcement is cut off, the material rack will open the unloading material. After the steel bar falls, the material rack will be closed and the next steel bar will be accepted. The length of opening time is controlled by the time relay when the material rack is unloaded.

The working principle of Continuous Casting Machine

First, the speed of the motor is driven by the belt drive, which makes the straightening of the cylinder rotate, and the steel bar in the straightening tube is straightened, and the surface of the steel bar is removed by the straightening mold.

By the motor through another pair deceleration belt drive and gear reducer, on the one hand, Continuous Casting Machine drive two transfer roller, traction bar move forward, on the other hand wheel drives the crank, the hammer head down the movement.

When the steel bar is moved up to the predetermined length, the hammer is hit by the tool holder, Continuous Casting Machine the steel bar is cut off, the steel bar is cut off and the steel bar is in the frame, and the blade is back in place, and completes a cycle.