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Characteristics Of Electric Roller And Electric Roller Motor Maintenance
Oct 20, 2017

Characteristics of electric Roller and electric Roller motor maintenance
(1) the production process should be transported according to the nature of the material, timely cleaning, in order to keep the conveyor parts clean.
(2) electric Roller insult one year to replace the oil, found a leak phenomenon, should check the sealing site, and replace the wear oil seal.
(3) Under normal circumstances, electric Rollers are repaired every year. As follows: through the Roller on the left side of the cover on the oil hole to the Roller of the oil discharge clean.
Non-powered Roller conveyor features:
1, Roller conveyor for all types of boxes, bags, trays and other parts of the delivery, bulk material, small items or irregular items to be placed on the tray or delivery box delivery.
2, the Roller conveyor can deliver a large piece of material weight, or bear a greater impact load.
3, the structure in a variety of forms, the Roller conveyor can be divided into driven by the drive Roller and no power Roller line, according to the layout can be divided into horizontal conveyor Roller line, tilt conveyor Roller and turn the Roller line. But also according to customer requirements special design to meet the various requirements of various customers.
4, no power Roller between the easy transition, can be used multiple Roller lines and other transport equipment or plane composed of complex logistics delivery system to complete a wide range of process needs.
The length of the Roller to choose: different width of the goods should be selected for the width of the Roller, under normal circumstances, "transport + 50mm".
Roller wall thickness and shaft diameter selection: according to the weight of the transport material evenly distributed to the contact of the Roller, calculate the required load of each Roller to determine the Roller wall thickness and shaft diameter.
Roller material and surface treatment: According to the different transport environment, to determine the Roller used by the material and surface treatment (carbon steel galvanized, stainless steel, black or plastic).
Select the installation of the Roller: According to the specific requirements of the overall conveyor, select the Roller installation: spring press type, the internal axis of the shaft, the whole flat tenon, pin hole and so on.
For tapered Rollers, the roll width and taper vary depending on the cargo size and the turning radius.
In today's rapid development of science and technology today, people's living standards have been greatly improved, the economic capacity has increased, the pursuit of material more emphasis on product quality. With the establishment of more and more industrial manufacturers, market economy competition intensified, which requires companies to improve the internal production of Roller conveyor system to further improve the quality, rapid production, in order to quickly seize a large number of market customer resources.
Production of the transmission line to optimize the production of various elements, the systematic reform, which contains for the production line in the vegetable Roller conveyor equipment improved. Many companies in the production management are like to copy the successful experience of enterprises into their own production model, so that enterprises in a relatively short period of time to obtain effective growth. They like many well-funded enterprises to buy large-scale imports of vegetable Roller conveyor machinery, but the results found for their own business is not necessarily applicable. Therefore, the user in the production of transmission lines to improve the time, we must choose a multi-year vegetable drive Roller conveyor machinery production and sales experience accumulated manufacturers, so that they can help you to the production line planning and design must be more suitable. At the same time to choose a vegetable Roller conveyor with a number of certified vegetable Roller conveyor manufacturers, such a vegetable Roller conveyor mechanical performance is relatively safe and reliable, with the rest assured. Furthermore, the user should consider whether the vegetable Roller manufacturer can provide lasting and effective after-sales service.