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Classification Of Caster
May 27, 2017

 Continuous Casting Machine Classification of continuous casting machine High-temperature molten steel continuously cast into a certain cross-sectional shape and a certain size of the slab production process is called continuous casting steel. The equipment required to complete this process is called continuous casting equipment. The integration of electroplating and electroforming of the steel equipment, the continuous casting machine body equipment, the cutting area equipment, the ingot rod collection and transportation equipment constitute the continuous casting steel core parts equipment, which is commonly known as continuous casting machine. Classification: Caster can be classified in a variety of forms. According to the structural shape of the caster can be divided into vertical continuous casting machine, vertical bending caster, with straight section arc continuous casting machine, arc continuous casting machine, multi-radius oval continuous casting machine and horizontal continuous casting machine. In recent years, with the development of continuous casting technology, but also carried out the wheel caster, especially thin slab caster research.

  Continuous Casting Machine If the length and shape of the section to be cast by the continuous casting machine are differentiated, the continuous casting machine can be divided into slab caster, billet caster, billet caster, round billet caster, Continuous casting machine and thin slab caster. In the billet caster also includes rectangular billet caster, usually cast section or equivalent cross-sectional area greater than 200 × 200mm billet is called billet, cross-section or equivalent cross-sectional area of less than 160 × 160mm billet called billet , The thickness ratio greater than 3 rectangular blank is called slab. If the continuous casting machine in a common share of molten steel can be cast under the number of slag to distinguish, can be divided into single, double or multi-stream continuous casting machine

  Continuous casting equipment mainly includes ladle and ladle turntable - tundish - ingot device - mold and mold vibrator - fan section (0 segment, vertical section, bending section, arc section, straight section, horizontal section) - Slab cutting equipment (such as flame cutting machine) - deburring machine.

  Expansion: Equipment for continuous casting before sintering equipment, ironmaking equipment and steelmaking equipment.

  Sintering equipment is mainly used to generate raw materials for molten iron, divided into sintering and pellet method. At present, more than 90% of the world's sintered ore is produced by pulverized belt sintering machine.

  Continuous Casting Machine Ironmaking equipment used to generate hot metal, the current is mainly blast furnace iron, the other has a direct reduction method and melt reduction method.

  Steelmaking equipment used to produce molten steel, steelmaking is mainly oxygen converter steelmaking method, in addition to electric arc furnace steelmaking method. After the continuous casting process is rolling, the main process is the heating furnace - rough rolling mill - finishing mill - rapid cooling device - hot straightening machine - cooling bed - cold straightening machine - bilateral shear - length cut, and then off the assembly line.