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Continuous Casting And Rolling Mill Process Of Steelmaking And Continuous Casting Coordination Difficulties And Process Improvement
Jan 07, 2017

According to the different ways of rolling, continuous casting and rolling mill is known for its high efficiency, low energy consumption.
1, after the melting of scrap steel by ladle transfer according to lift distance, temperature to determine the temperature of molten steel in the workshop. Avoid molten steel temperature drop too quickly, leading into the caster when stacking and viscous phenomena, resulting in slow flow of molten steel, seriously affecting the production capacity.
2, the outside temperature is low, molten steel temperature drop rapidly, along with the cold temperatures decrease. To resolve this problem, use the insulation type ladle, maintaining the temperature of molten steel to ensure of molten steel in continuous casting machines do not appear stiff.
3, continuous caster billet continuous casting difficulties, can be made by external oxygen blowing warm, so the caster must meet "first casting, after oxygen blowing" requirements. Meanwhile, spray cooling by cooling water for billet, cut-off in roughing mill.
Above describes the continuous casting and rolling mill melting and continuous casting some improvements on the synergy programme, believe that the effects of continuous casting and rolling mill will be greatly improved.