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Continuous Casting Machine Energy Saving And Environmental Protection
Sep 20, 2017

Continuous Casting Machine energy saving and environmental protection
 With the industrialization, urbanization process to speed up the rapid proliferation of motor vehicles, China's urban air quality is facing unprecedented challenges, and haze weather caused by high disease phenomenon is becoming the focus of public concern. Energy conservation and environmental protection is China's national policy has been listed as the focus of the development of the road, repeatedly stressed the reason or because of the continuous shortage of energy in China, the brutal reality has been constantly calling us to each mill production line manufacturers, had to re-cautious Continuous Casting Machine Direction of development. The gradual depletion of resources, the power sector, power supply tension, the deteriorating environment, these realities have been clearly placed in front of each of us, only by everyone to make their own efforts to reduce the pollution of the environment, rolling equipment to take energy Environmental protection, energy efficiency and efficiency is the main theme of the future development of Continuous Casting Machine, the only way to make the development of Continuous Casting Machine go further. For the current rolling mill in the rolling mill wastewater, dust and noise, although there have been greatly improved, but those and large international steel manufacturers, China's steel industry has also encountered some problems, production and sales growth is still a big gap , But with a big direction, will be more efforts. Continuous Casting Machine corresponds to the speed ratio of the gear unit. Continuous Casting Machine can save water to a large extent, save the gas to the steel heating furnace, and the heating capacity per hour can reach 10 tons per hour. As soon as possible to commit to the implementation of the rolling mill business plan from the overall look at the overall benefits are considerable. Continuous Casting Machine can greatly reduce the manual operation, the billet with a roll of water cooling, all as and consider whether the European steel industry to provide more free carbon emissions quota cleaning water can be recycled, and then pump to filter new Water area. This will not only solve the problem of waste water balance, the recovery of the billet in the washing of the oxide, the precipitation and because of sufficient water to ensure that the rolling process of water consumption, improve the continuous Continuous Casting Machine rolling process and rolling efficiency.
Production safety is the first concern of the manufacturers of the problem, because the quality and efficiency of the drawing directly affect the manufacturers of the process, and whether the customer acceptance, play a great relationship, then the continuous Casting Machine in the production process to solve the problem how to solve both Save time and can effectively solve it? Here are a few things you can often encounter in the production of Continuous Casting Machine.
    As the continuous production of copper Continuous Casting Machine, the speed of drawing will gradually be out of sync with the annealing, which will make the wire drawing when the speed of the slow and slow when the diameter of the intermittent, irregular changes. The reasons for this phenomenon are the following:
    1. The tension on the storage wheel is unstable. The use of air pressure in the production workshop may be more, which will cause Continuous Casting Machine air pressure when the small, which also makes the tanker tension is not constant, and because the speed of the line is constant, So that the drawing of the tensile force is also non-constant value, which can cause monofilament diameter deviation can not be precisely controlled.
    2. The copper wire is fluttering on the annealing wheel. This allows the copper wire to be annealed in the loose state, when the current density of the annealing is large and small, and the strength of the copper wire at a higher speed is relatively low, so it is likely to cause the copper wire to fire on the annealing wheel , So that the surface of the Continuous Casting Machine copper wire due to the role of the spark and uneven diameter.
    3. Wear due to long-term use of the main motor gearbox. This can make the drawing speed of the fixed speed and traction speed and the speed of the line does not match, thus forming a monofilament of the thin.
    Solution: the tanker for a good lubrication, to avoid its high-speed operation on the line caused by the reverse friction and then line pull; adjust the tension of the line, so that the drawing process is always close to the annealing wheel; To ensure that the annealing wheel steel ring intact, to avoid the surface of the steel ring caused by defects in the annealing current instability. Recovering the Continuous Casting Machine according to the actual situation of the Continuous Casting Machine: Adjust the wheel speed according to the drawing principle so that the annealing wheel speed / constant speed wheel speed = the front slip coefficient × the speed wheel diameter / the diameter of the annealing wheel, The diameter of the annealing wheel is known, and the speed of the fixed speed wheel and the annealing wheel can be measured. Thus, the coefficient of the front slip can be obtained, and the continuous casting machine can be re-mated by the slip coefficient. To meet the requirements.