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Continuous Casting Machine Maintenance
Jun 15, 2017

Continuous Casting Machine maintenance

At present, the Continuous Casting Machine is usually welded to a base, directly to the equipment on the ground can be, users do not need to install, very convenient. The main maintenance and maintenance measures are as follows:

1, the lubrication parts should always fill the oil, drip refueling lubricants each class plus oil shall not be less than twice, into the type of lubrication every twenty days into the butter once, the oil tank is lubricated every three months to replace once.

2, wall plate shaft seal, should be based on the use of wear and tear, the appropriate adjustment or replacement of seals.

3, often check the steam pipes and the junction, not allowed to leak phenomenon.

4, the machine should be run for six months to repair, check the vulnerable parts and make the appropriate repair or replacement.

5, Continuous Casting Machine installed after the first clean-up, decontamination and wipe rust-proof grease. Check the lubrication points and inject the lubricating oil (grease).

6, before driving check the degree of tension belt tension, through the adjustment bolts to move the motor to the appropriate location.

7, check whether the loose fasteners, steam pipes are leaked, the circuit and electrical equipment is safe. Electric heating type Continuous Casting Machine must have grounding device.

8, before the test machine will be clean room for 10-15 minutes to run, to confirm the normal operation of the machine and then put into production. Usually the new machine gear (including reducer) early use of noise, to be a period of time to naturally reduce.

8, the use of steam heating, into the pipeline should be equipped with safety valve and pressure gauge, the steam pressure shall not exceed the knowledge of the mixing tank cylinder pressure requirements. 9, mixing pulp should be reduced when using the reverse.

10, the lubrication parts should always fill the oil.

11, wall seal should not have the phenomenon of raw material leakage.

12, belt elasticity appropriate, regular inspection adjustment or replacement.

13, the steam pipe is not allowed to leak, the machine should be shut down when the valve is closed, and to ensure the safety of the safety valve.