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Continuous Casting Machine Technology To Improve And Improve The Breakthrough Core Technology
Aug 09, 2017

Continuous Casting Machine technology to improve and improve the breakthrough core technology
Recently organized by the China Metallurgical Society of continuous casting steel branch, China Heavy Machinery Research Institute co-organized by the 2013 caster equipment technology and scientific progress and fine academic seminar also attracted the sympathy of the participating experts. It is generally believed that this is China's current Continuous Casting Machine equipment technology innovation and development of the main objectives, but also the steel industry restructuring, upgrading of a key product link.
After entering the 21st century, China's continuous casting steel technology has been greatly improved: slab caster has been developed to straight arc type Continuous Casting Machine-led models, square, round, zerp Continuous Casting Machine Has developed to the arc-oriented models; in the technical aspects to develop to solve the quality of the billet for the purpose of the mold hydraulic vibration and other non-sinusoidal vibration technology to dynamic soft reduction of the slab internal quality control technology , The mold out of the mold as the center of the mold expert system to dynamic two cold water control as the representative of the slab cooling system. The design and manufacture of the Continuous Casting Machine equipment, the production management of the Continuous Casting Machine factory, the decomposition and control of the stability index of the production process, the establishment and strengthening of the innovative concept, are fully demonstrated the rapid technological level Ascension. At the same time, near-end Continuous Casting Machine technology has also been a good promotion and application.
In the current steel market is becoming saturated, a substantial decline in business efficiency, poor flow of funds in the context of Continuous Casting Machine equipment, the scale of the development of space has been compressed. How should the future of Continuous Casting Machine equipment technology innovation go? In this regard, Yang Ladao that the refinement of the Continuous Casting Machine product development is the basis of scientific and technological innovation, but also the future of Continuous Casting Machine equipment, long-term development direction.
Continuous Casting Machine equipment, how to support the Continuous Casting Machine equipment technology innovation? Yang Ladao replied: "In general, is through refinement to strengthen the sense of quality, establish a fine concept, from a strategic point of view firmly establish the 'quality of the survival of the' concept, the quality of goals fell into practice.
First of all, the overall design of the device to achieve refinement. Because the overall design is the first step in the design of Continuous Casting Machine, is the basic project. Such as the production process, the overall technical configuration, equipment configuration and many other issues in the overall design should be resolved first. For example, roller design is the core of the overall design, so the Continuous Casting Machine equipment technology will be refined roller design to a more in-depth, more refined aspects of consideration. The roller design is a systematic project, taking into account a lot of factors, including considering the cyclical mold surface fluctuations, optimize the final straightening point before the Continuous Casting Machine outside the arc length. The fine design is actually the process of roller roll optimization design.
Second, to improve the level of manufacturing, stable equipment quality refinement. This is because the Continuous Casting Machine equipment welding structure is relatively large, the equipment manufacturing, installation, measurement accuracy requirements are higher. Equipment manufacturing enterprises should strengthen the technical training of various types of staff and comprehensive quality training, in strict accordance with the design drawings and processing technology design and manufacturing; to create the necessary test and test conditions, the equipment factory, adhere to a variety of tests and comprehensive performance testing, In strict accordance with the design drawings and factory acceptance outline work, the good manufacturing process of the last hurdle; improve the overall quality of managers, the establishment of a variety of enterprise management system, a clear job responsibilities, strict management procedures, so that manufacturing enterprises to fine, modern.