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Continuous Prevention Of Noise And Stability Of Continuous Casting Machine
Sep 01, 2017

Continuous prevention of noise and stability of Continuous Casting Machine
   When the object has a vibration when there will be a sound, if the sound affects our rest and work it is called noise. In fact, when the industrial production or transportation, there will be noise, which is actually a kind of pollution. When we operate the caster in the drawing shop, the noise he produces is very large, so that the health of the operator is also a great impact. When the gear is in motion, the tooth noise will appear, he is also the largest Continuous Casting Machine noise source, meshing surface or gear they are in the assembly when there is a very wide gap, then it is possible to let them in the drive When there is a lot of noise to appear. We have to adjust his gear to the gap, so as to ensure that his gear lubrication.
Cylinder in the need for heating, is the use of heating ring for heating, this way quite power, the heating process is this: First, the heating ring need their first fever, then heat transfer to the Continuous Casting Machine barrel, then the heat transfer in the process will inevitably be part of the loss of heat, the waste of heat is actually a waste of energy.
In addition, because the outer surface of the heating ring is sure to come into contact with the air, then that is part of the heat will be wasted in the air, which is equal to the waste of energy, Continuous Casting Machine only heat in this area in the heating circle Part of the loss of nearly 40 percent of electricity, in order to avoid this situation, we can use a product called electromagnetic heaters, as long as the surface of the caster barrel wrapped in a layer of insulation cotton, and then Plus a layer of electromagnetic heating coil, power, the electromagnetic coil will appear electromagnetic induction, the barrel will automatically heat, due to the presence of heat insulation cotton generated temperature will not reach the air, the power is so saved, Compared to the heating ring, electromagnetic heaters can save at least 30% of the electricity, very save and cost-effective, heating speed and very ideal, is currently the best work of Continuous Casting Machine partner.
The caster is used in general plastic caster for higher demand. The whole system is more complex, control equipment, the need for harmony between the various motors. There are many ways to heat the Continuous Casting Machine, some use of resistance wire to heat, and some use electromagnetic to heat. Where the resistance wire heating is equivalent to the use of heat transfer to heat, it is due to the heat after the heat transfer into the barrel, in this process part of the heat will be consumed in the way, in addition to some Distributed in the air, which formed a waste of heat, which is tantamount to a waste of energy. The role of electromagnetic heaters to plastic machinery for heating and energy saving, can replace the old-style resistance heating, mainly in the barrel wrapped in a layer of insulation cotton, which can reduce the consumption of heat, and in the insulation cotton and then wound A layer of electromagnetic heating coil, when the Continuous Casting Machine through the power, the barrel inside the iron molecules will occur relatively strong operation, then the barrel will be hot, so compared with the traditional way this method is more power, Efficiency is also higher and from the traditional resistance to switch to the current electromagnetic heating can also save about 30 percent of the power.
How easy control of the speed of the Continuous Casting Machine Caster system is a very high demand for speed control, a mechanical equipment caster manufacturers, the control system can provide a very accurate and lubricated line speed. The system uses four servo motor control, fully satisfied with the data between the real-time interaction between each group of the axis of the real-time data exchange between the servo steel straightening machine. In order to ensure that the local side of the trajectory side line according to the algorithm, Continuous Casting Machine the demand for the line of the wire can be quickly accounted for by the drive itself, since the drive motor line, greatly Eliminating the traditional caster's steering system to determine the direction of the line, and then because the time delay sent to the drive, to ensure that the line line to minimize the delay through the controller.