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Daily Maintenance Of The Continuous Casting Machine Elements
Jul 31, 2017

Daily maintenance of the Continuous Casting Machine elements
When we use the Continuous Casting Machine, it is necessary to maintain it. First, we always measure the size of the finished product. Check whether the size is in line with the standard. If the size becomes larger, The die of the caster is inspected for wear and, if it is indeed worn, it must be replaced to ensure that the finished product is qualified. Followed by regular inspection of the drawing box, mainly to observe the amount of drawing powder is not sufficient, if there is not enough of the phenomenon, the quality of the wire will have an impact on the surface.
Whether the normal operation of the Continuous Casting Machine, the length of the service life of the Continuous Casting Machine, these are not only the quality of the production process and the relationship between the daily maintenance is also inseparable. For the Continuous Casting Machine, the daily maintenance is not to be ignored, the replacement of parts and lubrication are very important, because the Continuous Casting Machine in the process of work, there will be the phenomenon of scaling off, and off the oxidation If the skin is not cleaned, it will directly enter the bearings and roller, so the need for more frequent gray position to clean up to ensure the smooth running of the parts. In the whole caster, the location of the drawing die is very important, and only the use of the mold is standard in order to process and produce the standard finished product, but also the need for regular wire drawing wire diameter inspection to ensure processing Out of the products are qualified products.
A mechanical device that can provide a very accurate and smooth linear speed is commendable, and the caster is one of such devices whose system is very demanding for speed control.
 The whole system is more complex, the control equipment requires coordination between the various motors. The system uses four servo motor control, can fully meet the real-time interaction between data. In order to ensure that the side of the track according to the algorithm of the side of the line, requiring the line of the wire can be quickly calculated. Full use of the servo internal firmware function, calculated by the drive itself, greatly omitted the traditional caster control system line position to calculate the total time. And then send the instructions to the drive to ensure that the line line to minimize the delay through the controller.
The Continuous Casting Machine can be used for $ 100,000 you can buy, but now a lot of wire drawing machine procurement costs manufacturers spend $ 340,000 from abroad to buy green caster. Now it seems to be saving energy awareness, more and more environmental protection, energy conservation and environmental protection has become an inescapable social responsibility and business development should not only look at the front, energy conservation and environmental protection will also create benefits. It is understood that if you use ordinary line drawing machine screws, consumes nearly half a kilogram of paint per month. The main ingredient of the drawing powder is lime, lime is prone to dust and a new type of wire drawing machine can produce no pull powder as well. Drawing money to save money and reduce dust pollution, why not do it. Production of screws requires water every month, cleaning products, producing large amounts of industrial waste water, sewage containing chemical substances such as acids, bases, and metals, if any emissions can cause serious pollution to the environment. So to set up large and small sewage treatment pond, sewage treatment equipment how to deal with sewage back into the water, and then put into the production line recovery, filter out impurities in the sewage treatment, packaging and sale of waste recycling company recycling. Combining the above objects and facilities there are many examples of these measures in a favorable social environment.