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Details Of The Preparation Of The Forgings Should Be Noted
Jul 18, 2017

Details of the preparation of the Forgings should be noted

In general, different Forgings methods have different processing, with the longest hot die Forgings process. What should be noticed in the selection of materials for Forgings? Let's see! The material is mainly carbon steel and alloy steel, followed by aluminum, magnesium, copper, titanium and its alloys.

First, what we need to know is that the raw material has a bar, ingot, metal powder and liquid metal. The deformation of the cross-sectional area in the metal is called the Forgings ratio. The correct choice of Forgings ratio, reasonable heating temperature and thermal insulation time, reasonable Forgings temperature and final Forgings temperature, reasonable deformation, the deformation rate will improve the product quality and reduce the cost.

For general small and medium Forgings, the circle or square bar is blank. Bar organization and mechanical properties, good, accurate shape and size of particle uniform, surface quality good, easy to organize mass production. As long as the heating temperature and deformation conditions are properly controlled, the excellent properties of Forgings can be forged without large Forgings deformation.

In the rapid development of its development, the direct drive hydraulic die Forgings press instead of the old free Forgings compressor is the problem that our future large Forgings industry needs to solve. In order to improve the performance of the Forgings, we should introduce or combine with foreign joint design to accelerate the operation of the hydraulic control and operating system of the domestic free Forgings hydraulic press. Need to speed up the development of Forgings production line equipment: the Forgings is not an isolated process, in order to improve the production efficiency, reduce costs, efforts to develop Forgings auxiliary equipment, such as Forgings, Forgings automation system, robot and rapidly changing mold equipment loading system, etc.

At the same time, we also want to learn the Forgings of nondestructive testing technology, automatic rapid multi-point test system, control system development process and technology development. Medium frequency induction heating equipment: equipment are in need of large power, stable and reliable performance, high durability, intermediate frequency induction heating source header for intermediate frequency furnace and temperature control heating strip is accurate and reliable, the two parts of intermediate frequency induction heating in a protective atmosphere. In any case, the domestic Forgings equipment should further expand the variety, category, especially the efficient automatic Forgings equipment. We should continue our efforts to develop independently and through the introduction of joint ventures, production, and the basic realization of the modernization and nationalization of Forgings equipment in China from 10 to 20 years.

Conventional plug holes are usually used for the addition of copper, carbon blocks, and iron plates. A relatively feasible method for the shallow mass of the hole, but if the gap is too large or the affix of a heavy plate hole is used, the condition of this method is used. Welding is difficult.

Welding quality is not guaranteed. It is difficult to meet the technical requirements of hole plug welding. Threaded rod mounting hole. The disadvantages of this method: the thickness of the socket, the space constraints of the strong magnetic field of the welding arc, and the surface tension. The influence of gravity is difficult to separate the slag from the molten metal surface. Slag is not easy to clear. The slag, air hole, the bottom formed good fusion and incomplete fusion and other harmful defects. Although there are unavoidable defects in the traditional hole plug welding process, there is no other feasible way to select under the existing conditions of production. Traditional plug welding method and optimization need to be improved.