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Drawing Machine Maintenance
Jun 15, 2017

Drawing Machine maintenance

1, V-belt should be the same length, into the transmission box, elastic appropriate, tighten the slide bolt, cover the cover.

2, if the equipment is not long-term parking, to be cut off the power, all scrub clean, the lubrication of oil, spindle and oil tank rust.

3, the tank with 46 # hydraulic oil, once every six months to replace and clean the fuel tank, filter once a month cleaning, oil change after two or three days cleaning time.

4, wire Drawing Machine part of the gear, bearings, balls, shaft and sleeve and cylinder, once a week, in the course of the use of overheating or abnormal noise should be promptly checked.

5, such as overload and thermal relay action caused by parking, you need to press the thermal relay "reset" button, can continue to operate.

6, AC contactor every six months to check once, the equipment used once a year maintenance.

7, Drawing Machine regularly check the Drawing Machine wearing parts, such as bearings, oil seals, etc., found to wear immediately replaced.

8, every day must touch the wire machine pot check once, and seriously make a touch pot record.

9, when the blade diameter D, the container diameter of 3.4-3.9D, leaves from the ground height of 0.5-0.7D, loading height of 2.4-3D, can achieve good dispersion effect.

10, column and the mixing shaft to be regularly added lubricants, the general refueling once every class.

11, transmission V-belt inspection from time to time.

Ready before driving

1, check the Drawing Machine oil level is raised to the specified location, low should be added to the specified oil level, high should be placed to the specified location.

2, check the V-belt elastic is appropriate.

3, hand wheel to move the wheel should be flexible, no friction sound.

4, check the fasteners are loose and the sealing parts of the phenomenon of leakage.

5, open the main motor Drawing Machine, check whether the rotation of the equipment with the same direction specified by the device.

6, to confirm the above check the work before they can drive.


1, the impeller placed in the center of the Drawing Machine container, press the drop button, down to the lowest position or the required position.

2, two handles must be locked before driving.

3, open the main motor, according to the operation need to press the button,

4, the operation process should always pay attention to the current, such as overloading operation, should stop the reasons for the inspection, to take measures to continue after the operation of the Drawing Machine.


1, first stop the main motor, so that all stop the rotation of the impeller.

2, open the wire Drawing Machine up button, so that the spindle impeller rose to the container above, cleaning the impeller