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Graphite Die Cleaning Precautions
Sep 01, 2017

Graphite Die cleaning precautions
Graphite Die cleaning is a Graphite Die maintenance and maintenance of a key process, but also restricts the bottleneck of Graphite Die maintenance. Because the development of Graphite Die manufacturing speed is much faster than the speed of Graphite Die cleaning, and Graphite Die after rapid cleaning immediately after the next to prepare for the next production, so leave the Graphite Die cleaning time is quite limited. Here, we take a look at the Graphite Die cleaning precautions is what.
Graphite Die cleaning Note:
The systematic maintenance of the Graphite Die is based on the continuity of maintenance requirements and maintenance operations. In order to achieve "cost-effective" objectives, cleaning Graphite Dies must be noted: the development of detailed Graphite Die cleaning program. In the different parts of the Graphite Die cleaning, such as press internal cleaning, along the side of the wipe, routine cleaning, the main part of the cleaning, the cleaning method used is also different.
After the Graphite Die has been running for a certain period of time and subjected to plating tests such as plating wear, track marking and Graphite Dies in the vents and non-ventilated areas, the technician can determine the procedure and frequency of the Graphite Die cleaning by visual inspection The Therefore, it is important to understand the period of safe operation of the Graphite Die and to keep the observations of the amount of residual buildup and wear in the Graphite Dies.
Based on the Graphite Die has a certain operating cycle, all the Graphite Die should be accompanied by the relevant maintenance procedures and maintenance cycle of the file records. In general, the control of the internal grease level and gear broaching, sliders, internal shaft pins and bushings as well as other moving parts are the key to ensuring stable production. Other factors that affect production include watermarks and watertight outlets that are contaminated or clogged, manifold leaks, rust and corrosion due to leaking or condensation.
Diamond Graphite Die has good temperature resistance, high temperature can still maintain a stable performance, less prone to thermal expansion and contraction of the phenomenon, is the production of a variety of cutting tools for the best mold.
In order to ensure the production of high-quality products and production specifications of the comprehensive, Dongguan Jie Cheng graphite to introduce advanced production and processing equipment, in accordance with strict management and improve the quality of the security system to provide customers with high quality, complete range of graphite products and Graphite Die. Produced by the products are widely used in chemical, mechanical, metallurgical, electronics and other fields, and get good customer feedback.
Graphite Die processing surface treatment technology, through the surface coating, surface modification or composite processing technology, change the Graphite Die surface morphology, chemical composition, structure and stress state, in order to obtain the required surface performance of the system engineering. At present in the Graphite Die manufacturing more applications are mainly nitriding, carburizing and hardening film deposition.
As the nitriding technology can form excellent surface, and the nitriding process and Graphite Die quenching process has good coordination, while nitriding temperature is low, after the need for intense cooling nitriding, Graphite Die deformation is minimal, so Graphite Die surface strengthening is the use of nitriding technology earlier, but also the most widely used.
Mold graphite carburizing is to improve the overall strength of the Graphite Die, that is, Graphite Die working surface with high strength and wear resistance. Under the current technical conditions, the cost of hardened film deposition (mainly equipment) is high, still only in some precision, long life Graphite Die application, if the use of the establishment of heat treatment center, the cost of coating hardened film will be greatly Reduce, more Graphite Die if you use this technology, you can improve the overall level of China's Graphite Die manufacturing.
With the improvement of the performance of the machine tools and cutting tools, the development of the pre-hardening technology of the Graphite Die material has been accelerated. By the 1980s, the proportion of the pre-hardened modules on the industrial molds has reached 30%.