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Graphite Die Dipped In Antioxidants To Extend The Use Of Time
Sep 11, 2017

Graphite Die dipped in antioxidants to extend the use of time
Graphite Die dipped in antioxidants, in the mold surface to form an antioxidant film, can effectively extend the use of time. Electronic sintered Graphite Die, exothermic welding Graphite Die and so on through the antioxidant impregnation, effectively improve the oxidation resistance.
1, according to the size of Graphite Die to prepare immersion tank size. Dipping tank can be made according to the actual conditions with a variety of materials, but need to have anti-acid corrosion, good sealing, can not be liquid infiltration, with a certain hardness, durability and good material.
2, according to the size of the tank needs to be dipped in the size of the Graphite Die, immersed in a certain amount of Graphite Die into the anti-oxidation immersion liquid, the general dipping liquid to cover the Graphite Die about 10CM.
3, at room temperature, atmospheric pressure under the electronic sintered Graphite Die into the Graphite Die impregnant soak for half an hour or so. If you need to improve the antioxidant effect, you can by vacuum impregnation method more to make Graphite Die impregnant penetrate into the Graphite Die pores. Vacuum impregnation requires a vacuum impregnation device.
4, the impregnated electronic sintered Graphite Die, exothermic welding Graphite Die on a good place to ventilate the natural dry 2 to 3 days or so can be used.
5, if you need to deal with the amount of Graphite Die is relatively small, you can use the brushing method, so do not need to use the slot, do not need to pour a lot of dipping liquid. Only need to graphite rotor antioxidant in the graphite rotor surface evenly brushing 2 to 3 times, pay attention to brush when the slow as much as possible, so that the infiltration of liquid more fully into the Graphite Die pores.
Graphite Die processing process if the heat treatment properly, it will produce a variety of defects, resulting in poor performance of Graphite Die, life is reduced. Now, we follow the Graphite Die manufacturers to see, Graphite Die heat treatment to prevent defects in the measures.
1. Graphite Die surface with soft spots
Graphite Die heat treatment after the surface of a soft point, will affect the wear resistance of Graphite Die, Graphite Die to reduce the service life.
Precautions: (1) Graphite Die heat treatment should be removed before the oxide, rust, quenching in the appropriate protection of Graphite Die surface, should try to use vacuum furnace, salt bath furnace and protective atmosphere furnace heating. (2) Graphite Die quenching After cooling, should choose the appropriate cooling medium, long-term use of the cooling medium to be frequently filtered, or regularly replaced.
2. Graphite Die heat treatment before the poor organization
Graphite Die final spheroidized organization is uneven, the ball is not perfect, the organization has a network, ribbon and chain carbide, which will make the Graphite Die after quenching easy to produce cracks, resulting in Graphite Die scrapped.
Precautions: (1) should generally be based on the working conditions of Graphite Die, production batch and the material itself toughness performance, try to choose good quality Graphite Die steel material. (2) to improve the forging process or the use of normalizing heat treatment, to eliminate the raw materials in the network and chain carbide and carbide non-uniformity. (3) can not be forged carbide segregation serious high-carbon Graphite Die steel can be solid solution heat treatment. (4) reasonable furnace, to ensure that the furnace mold temperature uniformity.
3. Graphite Die after quenching tissue thick
Graphite Die quenching after the organization is coarse, will seriously affect the mechanical properties of Graphite Die, the use of Graphite Die will be broken, a serious impact on the life of Graphite Die.
Precautions: (1) steel should be strictly checked before storage, to prevent steel confusion. (2) Graphite Die quenching should be carried out before the right forging and spheroidizing annealing to ensure good spheroidized tissue. (3) the correct development of Graphite Die quenching process specifications, strict control of quenching heating temperature and holding time. (4) Graphite Die in the furnace should be heated with the electrode or heating element to maintain the appropriate distance.
4. Graphite Die produces quenching crack
Graphite Die in the quenching after the crack is the Graphite Die heat treatment process of the biggest defects, will make a good processing of Graphite Die scrap, so that the production and the economy caused great losses.
Precautions: (1) strict control of the inherent quality of Graphite Die raw materials. (2) to improve the forging and spheroidizing annealing process, eliminating reticular, ribbon, chain carbide, to improve the uniformity of spheroidal tissue. (3) the shape of the complex Graphite Die should be used asbestos plug the threaded hole, bandage dangerous sections and thin wall, and the use of grading quenching or isothermal quenching. (4) repair or renovation of Graphite Dies need to be annealed or high temperature tempering. (5) should strictly control the quenching temperature and time to prevent the Graphite Die overheating and over burning. (6) Graphite Die quenching should be timely tempering, holding time to full, high alloy complex Graphite Die should be tempered 2-3 times.