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Graphite Die New Materials Industry Is How The Prospects
Jun 30, 2017

Graphite Die new materials industry is how the prospects
Graphite Die material with conductive, heat-resistant, corrosion-resistant and other excellent performance, Graphite Die material supplier of Graphite Die new material is the development of modern industrial technology indispensable functional base material, known as "black gold" reputation. Pencils, cell phone lithium-ion battery, the battery battery negative ... ... and even lead the concept of the future of flexible mobile phones, Graphite Die is not the new material industry, "darling" produced.

It is understood that Graphite Die is rich in resources, the development potential is huge. In recent years, Graphite Die industrial park construction begun to take shape, the industry chain gradually extended extension of the deep processing boom.

1, resource advantages be richly endowed by nature, the industry began to take shape

Graphite Die material suppliers It is understood that Graphite Die resources are rich, widely distributed, is China's Graphite Die products, an important production base. In accordance with the current proven reserves, China holds 72% of the world's Graphite Die reserves, and Graphite Die resources accounted for about 64% of the national reserves, production capacity accounted for about 70% of the total output. Of the industrial park and Graphite Die industry park two provincial industrial park, settled nearly 50 enterprises, has become the largest Graphite Die and Graphite Die processing center.

2, Graphite Die deep processing market prospects

Graphite Die deep processing market prospects, Graphite Die industry, the technical staff of the rough calculations: according to the country made in 2020 the number of electric vehicles accounted for 10% of all traffic vehicles development goals, then, China's automobile production will reach 40 million , Of which 4 million electric vehicles. According to each hybrid car battery anode material 20 kg calculation, the 4 million hybrid cars, each car is equipped with three batteries, will drive 24 million tons of negative material production scale. In 2013, the production of Graphite Die powder 390,000 tons, Graphite Die from the deep processing of refined powder into lithium ion battery anode material, the price per ton in the market from 3,000 yuan jumped to 70,000 yuan. Visible market potential.

3, backed by rich resources, facing the bright future.

Listed a list of the development of Graphite Die industry chain, plans in the "second five" period, through investment, technical cooperation, etc. focus on the development of Graphite Die powder - spherical Graphite Die - coated Graphite Die - anode material - battery Of the anode material industry chain, Graphite Die powder - Expandable Graphite Die - Expanded Graphite Die - Sealing material - Seal material of sealing material Industry chain, Graphite Die powder - High purity Graphite Die - Carborundum - Abrasives, Diamond composite sheet Hard material industry chain 3 industrial chain. Plans in the "second five" at the end of Graphite Die products revenue exceeded 10 billion yuan.