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How To Buy A Suitable For Their Own Cold Pilger Mill
Jun 22, 2017

How to buy a suitable for their own Cold Pilger Mill
 Liangpi is the main food in the north, is the food that people love to see, few people can resist the temptation, especially in the summer, hungry will think of Liang Pi, delicious and cool, and is more healthy food. In the summer, often poor appetite, then if a bowl of Liangpi, plus a little pepper, will instantly open people's appetite, so that people enjoy the delicious Liangpi. From this point of view, Liangpi demand market is very broad. But the traditional Liangpi processing time and effort, with the development of science and technology, the market continues to progress, and now Cold Pilger Mill as a special production Liangpi machine, in the market stage, and has a good development trend, with Cold Pilger Mill production Liangpi , Save time ... ... field training for several hours, you can fully grasp the production technology. Production Liangpi, profits up to several times. We can see the development of cold-skin machine is the prospect of unlimited.

How to choose Cold Pilger Mill?
The evaluation of the merits and demerits of the cold-skin machine is mainly composed of three aspects: performance, yield and stability. Detailed interpretation of the cold leather machine should have the advantages and characteristics.
Performance is the most important aspects of the overall performance of the test, the performance determines the main characteristics of the cold-skin machine, good performance of the cold-skin machine structure is reasonable, the various parts of the interlocking between the various parts of the operation and debugging to the best, special For the Cold Pilger Mill inside, the spindle operation and the interaction between the bearings and friction losses are the best, in fact, the performance of a certain aspect will determine the stability of the Cold Pilger Mill.
Production is Cold Pilger Mill in the minds of customers is one of the most concerned about the general when customers buy cold leather machine when the first thing to ask is the output. Production determines the production capacity of Cold Pilger Mill and the ability to create wealth, under normal circumstances the production of Cold Pilger Mill is calculated by the output, the higher the yield, the more wealth you can create every day, the customer is concerned The greater the wealth of wealth creation.
If performance and production reflect the quality and technical content of the cold-skin machine, then the stability of the cold-skin machine will determine the long-term, for the production, long-term stability is the key to creating profits. Stability can be stabilized from two aspects, the stability of the Cold Pilger Mill itself and the stability of the operation. The stability of the cold-skinned machine is the stability of the cold-skinned machine itself and the stability of the various parts of the fuselage, high-quality stainless steel can be more solid protection of the cold-skin machine itself, the machine structure of all the combination of confidential use of the best quality bearings and spindle Of the parts, the body more durable wear. The stability of the production is because the interaction between the components of small, smooth operation, the production process can achieve the best results.