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How To Solve The Wire Drawing Machine In The Production Of Frequent Broken Wire Phenomenon?
Nov 02, 2017

How to solve the wire Drawing Machine in the production of frequent broken wire phenomenon?
In the process of production of wire often frequent broken wire situation is mainly caused by the following factors:
1. Drawing Machine Drawing Machine in the uninterrupted production will be due to the normal wear and tear of the drawing die of the sizing area becomes larger.
2. Due to the quality of various rods. In the production process, the bar irregularly appear quality defects, which makes the wire in the drawing deformation by a variety of unpredictable tension pull off. This situation occurs when the rod is good.
3. As the production of the annealing current is not constant, the current suddenly high, the wire in the annealing process was pulled off or the sudden high current fuse.
The solution to the above situation: in the production before the production of rods to do a full self-test, the timely detection of rod quality defects, according to different situations in time to find the appropriate countermeasures, or reduce the Drawing Machine drawing speed, or This section is defective. Production is constantly observed in the drawing of the annealing current is normal, especially in the beginning of the time, with particular attention to the change in the annealing current, according to changes in line speed to adjust the size of the annealing current, so that the annealing current slowly with the line Speed increase and increase, to ensure the normal operation of the Drawing Machine equipment.
A mechanical device that can provide a very accurate and smooth linear speed is commendable, and the Drawing Machine is one of such devices, the system for the speed control requirements are very high.
The whole system is more complex, the control equipment requires coordination between the various motors. The system uses four servo motor control, can fully meet the real-time interaction between the data. In order to ensure that the side of the track in accordance with the algorithm side of the line, requiring the line of the wire can be quickly calculated. Full use of the servo internal firmware function, calculated by the drive itself, greatly omit the traditional wire Drawing Machine control system line position to calculate the total time. And then send the instructions to the drive to ensure that the line line to minimize the delay through the controller.
Usually the Drawing Machine is always used for long-term use of drawing template, because of its work when the mold wall will always be a different wire of the strong erosion and friction, usually cause some wear and tear, usually in the material entrance to the formation of a small dent The If there is a cable die ring groove, will accelerate the wear and tear of the template, if not timely repair, the loss will continue to increase, and then will greatly increase the difficulty of repair, serious words will make the ring groove deeper cracks, Completely broken broken scrap.
To avoid this situation, the operator must be based on the daily work of fine experience, for the wire Drawing Machine equipment, a set of routine maintenance of the standard standard. During the operation, once the template has a slight wear and tear, to be timely polishing, so that the template can be restored in a short period of time to the original polishing state, and its hole size will not have much change.
Can be straight-line Drawing Machine for drawing work products, specifically speaking, it is mainly spring steel wire, rope steel wire, cord steel wire, bead wire, aluminum wire, prestressed steel wire, and hose The In addition, it can also be used to pull the wire and wire welding wire.