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Main Characteristics Of Rolling Equipment Safety
Jan 07, 2017

Rolling equipment is the steel-making plant the production of ingots or continuous cast billets rolled into the production process of steel, with rolling method for production of steel, according to its shape, can be divided into sections, wire, sheet and strip, steel, special steel class.
Method of rolling, rolling temperature can be divided into hot-rolled and cold-rolled; according to the rolling mill and roll relative motion can be divided into vertical, horizontal rolling press rolling product formation can be divided into General and special rolling. Spin rolling, bending, are special rolling. Rolling with other processing, is to make the metal plastic deformation, made with one product. Difference is, mill work was conducted during rotation of the roll. Rolling mills for two categories, main equipment for rolling mill or main column, auxiliary equipment and auxiliary equipment of the mill. Where used to make metal deformation in a rotating roller device, commonly referred to as main equipment. Host devices arranged in a line known as the mills host column. Host column, mill main motor and transmission machinery is composed of three parts. Classified by use of the rolling mill: mill roughing mill, rolling mill (large, medium, small, and wire), strip, tube mill and other special-purpose mill. Mill roughing mill and is based on the nominal roll diameter of steel rolling mill, plate and strip mill is based on the nominal roll body length, steel tubing mill is able to roll the maximum outer diameter of nominal.
2. Rolling key security technologies
(1) the fast-cooling technology after rolling of medium plate, adopt international advanced high density pipe laminar cooling device, improve medium and heavy plate production using control rolled and control cooled technique to produce special steel plate, and improve the mechanical properties of steel
(2) bar production by controlled rolling and controlled cooling technology is implemented through a specially designed cooling racks and units rolling temperature controlled rolling, improving bar strength and toughness. (3) cold-rolled, hot-rolled, plate flatness control technology, including: design and optimization of roll profile; online strip shape detection, signal recognition and profile evaluation; shape set, feedforward, feedback control strategy and mathematical models.
(4) hydraulic AGC technology, using high-performance of hydraulic APC and AGC control system, has the advantage of fast response, high precision, being replaced by electric AGC has become the new rolling mill and transformation technology of choice.
(5) double stand reversing cold rolling mill equipment and technology, the technology based on rolling strip steel materials, specifications and production conditions to select different rolling passes, the mill at large within the framework of flexible steel, size, and volume changes, products with high precision, precision strip steel and non-ferrous metal foils can be developed. (6) hot rolled narrow strip steel production equipment and technology, move closer to the Strip in the process and equipment, cooling and horizontal coiler replace loop oscillator or vertical winding before roughing mill, high pressure water descaling, strip surface quality and performance improved significantly, volumes increased, up to 1-2 tons. (7) based on image processing of surface online detection system, the system with CCD camera collection line Shang products of surface image, through image processing and mode recognition algorithm on image for real-time of analysis and processing, to detection products of surface whether exists with defects, and gets defects of size, and parts, and type, and grade, information, to reached online assessment and control products surface quality of purpose.
(8) the steel variety development and performance optimization techniques, including: effects of process parameters on the formability of IF steel; study on ultra high strength fine grain, pure steel; high strength micro alloy (Ti, Nb, v, b) steel research.