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Precision Requirement Of Drawing Machine In Machine Industry
Jul 07, 2017

Precision requirement of Drawing Machine in machine industry

Steel wire, for the whole link of wire Drawing Machine, its control accuracy requirement not too high, most of the wire Drawing Machine, the feeding operations are driven by the frequency motorized, but there are also part of the double frequency conversion control wire Drawing Machines, and even directly through the drawing link thread tension draft sent to wire Drawing Machine, free pay-off. Drawing is the most important part of the machine. Different kinds of metal materials, different silk varieties and requirements, the drawing links are very different, the design of the direct - type Drawing Machine automatic control system. The speed of the wire drawing process determines the production efficiency of the whole Drawing Machine and the most difficult part of the whole system. In the line segment, the commonly used control technology has synchronous control and tension control to realize the winding of metal products.

The straight forward Drawing Machine is one of the most difficult to control in the wire Drawing Machine, because it is multi-stage motor and the metal wire is stretched, the efficiency of the operation is very high. Allow the wire to slide between the mold. At the same time, it has higher requirements for the synchronization of motor and the fast speed of dynamic response. A wire Drawing Machine is usually used to change the diameter or shape of a wire through a plate to a plate, in diameter or shape. The wire shall be lubricated when entering the drawing die, and the drawing mould shall have special cooling (usually cooling with water cooling jacket). The closing machine provides power.

The sliding wheel type wire Drawing Machine is a non-sliding dry continuous Drawing Machine of integrable line; In drawing process, the steel wire and the drum drum circumferential direction along the drum circumferential direction there is no relative sliding surface, the surface wear is relatively small, and the middle one reel temporary parking, followed by the drum can still rely on their product line of work for a period of time as usual. The model has a simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance, low manufacturing cost, wire Drawing Machine has a certain product line is a number at the same time, steel wire on the roll of Jane to stay for a long time, helpful for better cooling of steel wire. But line roller is more, not only increased the number of wire bending and drum of the product, make steel wire in the process of drawing along its axis produce reverse, seriously affected the immanent quality of steel wire and surface quality.

The characteristics of the roller type wire Drawing Machine determine that the model is suitable for steel wire and other wire that are suitable for drawing, small specification, quality and strength. Double reel wire Drawing Machine has been developed on the basis of the sliding wheel type wire Drawing Machine because of the twisting of the wire during the pull of the pulley machine. This machine has the advantages of pulley Drawing Machine, and eliminates the twisting phenomenon in the drawing process of the steel wire, and the cooling effect of the steel wire on the drum is better. The double drum type wire Drawing Machine is the same as the pulley type wire Drawing Machine, and the lead wheel is more, especially the middle wire guide wheel between the upper and lower drum, which makes the wire rise to 180 when it passes through it. Bending, it is not suitable for drawing the high specification of high steel wire; The machine operation is not as convenient as the sliding wheel type, and the rotary inertia of the grinding ring and wire wheel of the upper and lower drum is very large, which limits the increase of drawing speed. The wire Drawing Machine belongs to the transition machine which is developed by the roller type wire Drawing Machine to the higher level wire Drawing Machine. It is suitable for drawing and small size steel wire. In order to further improve the quality of the steel wire and the speed of drawing, it is also a kind of non-sliding wire Drawing Machine. It simplifies the route taken between each drum steel wire, steel wire in the process of drawing not torsion, axial and the adoption of a dc motor, stepless speed regulation, can achieve wide range enlarged the scope of the selection of elongation between drum, drawing function in the most reasonable running work condition. And the loop creates a pull or reverse pull for each cylinder in the process of drawing. In loop tension and looping back pull drawing, can make the drawing force decreases, and extend the service life of drawing die and to reduce the kinetic energy consumption can loop type wire Drawing Machine is a kind of automatic speed control of continuous wire Drawing Machine, in theory, in the steel wire of the compression ratio limits and machine can force parameters of less than, as long as the overall process compression ratio is greater than or equal to the machine total compression ratio, a kind of technology for any mold fitting machine can automatically adjust the complete drawing process. This is a kind of advanced wire Drawing Machine, which is suitable for the high-strength wire and alloy wire of small and medium size.