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Price Depends On Which Factors That Determine Rolling Equipment?
Jan 07, 2017

Rolling equipment of price General are is by: mill size and equipped with of mechanical factors this two aspects to decided of, rolling equipment size of problem is according to steel products profile production manufacturers of production scale and technology requirements and decided of, if need high production, that natural need of mill model on compared of big, if is General of small processing enterprise, basically is easy also soon on can line, this is why in customer for advisory of when we to first asked about production of problem, This is used to determine the host part of the decisive factors in the price.
Also has a situation is on mill purchased accessories of problem, this is quite important of, purchased part like furnace, if is for hair material for production on certainly need for furnace of melting then for forming plate wire of rolling, but such do of with price is whole line of cost problem suddenly on improve many, even some Annex price than host price also to your Shang some, so said, General decided rolling equipment price problem of key on is, if is just procurement host see production, Decide mill sizes, purchase the whole line of rolling equipment, attachments according to the actual requirements of the procurement, so that it can be bought for the right price in their own required equipment.