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Teach You How To Distinguish Between Hot-rolled Steel Sheet And Cold-rolled Steel Plate
Jan 07, 2017

First, differentiated by carbon

Hot-rolled carbon steel plate may be slightly higher than the cold-rolled steel plate. In component density with stalemate is unlikely to be the same. But if the ingredients vary, such as stainless steel or cold-rolled, hot-rolled steel sheet density at around 7.9G/cm3. Also depends on the ingredients, hot-rolled steel sheet is ductility better steel equal pressure.

Second, differentiated by density

Hot-rolled steel sheet is divided into low carbon steel, structural steel, steel welding bottle, then according to the steel of various steel products to find what you need, check the specific density and composition of the steel.

Hot-rolled steel hardness is low, easy processing, good ductility can. Hot-rolled steel sheet surface almost (\ oxide finish), but the plastic is good, generally for medium and heavy plate, cold rolled sheet, high strength, high hardness, high surface finish, is generally thin, can be used as a drawing board.

Cold-rolled high with sclerosis denaturalization, processing is relatively difficult, but difficult to deformation, high strength.

Third, through production to differentiate

Hot-rolled steel sheet and cold-rolled steel sheet production is different. Hot-rolled steel sheet is rolled at high temperature, and cold is deep fry at room temperature. In General, has better strength cold-rolled steel plate, hot-rolled steel has better ductility, China Steel spot network of hot-rolled steel sheet and cold-rolled steel sheet price difference. Cold rolled thickness is relatively small, can have a greater thickness of the hot. Cold-rolled steel sheet surface quality, appearance, accuracy is better than hot-rolled plate, thickness right rolling thin to about 0.18mm and its products so popular. For the acceptance of the product, ask the professionals.

Hot-rolled steel plate, mechanical properties are far less cold, also in forging and processing, but with good toughness and ductility.

Cold-rolled steel sheet, as part of work hardening, low toughness, but it can achieve better yield than used to cold-formed parts such as springs, and because the yield point is closer to the tensile strength, so use of risk there is no predictability in the process, prone to accidents in the load exceed the permissible load.


1) cold plate surface of cold rolling process scale free, good quality. Hot-rolled steel sheet surface scale of hot rolled processed, thickness to be poor.

2) hot-rolled steel toughness and smooth surface and poor, lower prices, and cold-rolled sheet stretch of good and resilient, but are more expensive.

3) rolled into cold-rolled and hot-rolled steel, to recrystallization temperature between points.

4) cold: cold-rolled strip were generally used in the production, its rolling speed is higher.

Hot-rolled steel sheet: the temperature of the temperature of the hot rolled and forged

5) plating of hot rolled steel plate surfaces become dark brown, not plated cold rolled plate surface is gray, plating can be differentiated from the smooth degree of surface, cold rolled plate smoother than hot rolled steel plate.