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The Future Forgings Industry Needs To Address The Issue Of Basic Profitability
Jun 30, 2017

The future Forgings industry needs to address the issue of basic profitability
Rapid development in its development trend, direct drive hydraulic Forgings presses instead of the old free Forgings hydraulic press is our future large Forgingss industry needs to solve the problem. We should be through technological transformation, the introduction or joint design with foreign countries to speed up the domestic free Forgings hydraulic press hydraulic control and operating system of modern transformation operations to improve the performance of Forgingss. Need to speed up the development of Forgings production equipment: Forgings is not an isolated process, in order to improve production efficiency and reduce costs, efforts to develop Forgings auxiliary equipment, such as Forgings, Forgings automation systems, robots and fast changing Forgings equipment loading system.
At the same time, also want to learn the development of non-destructive testing technology Forgings, automatic and rapid multi-point test system, control system development process and technology. Medium frequency induction heating equipment: equipment needs power, stable and reliable performance, medium frequency induction heating source upsetting machine high durability for medium frequency furnace and temperature control strip heating is accurate and reliable, two parts of the medium frequency induction heating with the protective atmosphere The In any case, domestic Forgings equipment should further expand the variety, category, especially efficient automatic Forgings equipment. Should continue to work independently to develop, and through the introduction of joint ventures, co-production, in 10 years to 20 years Forgings equipment in China's modernization and nationalization of the basic realization.
In recent years, Forgings industry to speed up product structure adjustment, large, precision, complex, long life Forgingss Forgings, high technical content, through the development of the speed is higher than the overall development of the industry, about 35% of the total Forgings. Of the 35.7%, 2007 Forgings export growth, further decline in the deficit, import and export Forgings structure tends to be reasonable, domestic Forgingss alternative export import Forgingss have been very small.
From the industry structure, the rapid development of private enterprises, the strength of state-owned enterprises to strengthen the market-oriented professional Forgings the number of manufacturers and improve the fast Forgings Forgings industry Forgings industry development, Forgings industry production characteristics of less developed areas, as the central and western regions Have made more progress.
Multi-level progressive die Forgings enterprises have reached a number of precision 2 microns, life expectancy of up to 300 million times, 2500 times / min high-speed punch to provide multi-stage into the mold is an individual business, the accuracy can reach 1 micron. 43-inch large-screen color TV, has been able to produce 65-inch display type TV plastic case Forgings 10 kg large-capacity washing machine full set of plastic Forgingss as well as car bumpers, dashboards and other large plastic Forgingss as a whole.
Precision plastic Forgings has been able to produce cameras and mobile phone plastic Forgingss, multi-cavity small modulus gear Forgings accuracy and 5 micron 7800 cavity package Forgings die casting Forgingss have been able to produce large precision escalator overall pedal die casting and Forgings, Rear axle gear box car engine shell casting Forgingss and so on