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The Heating Method Of Cold Pilger Mill Is Introduced In Detail
Aug 18, 2017

The heating method of Cold Pilger Mill is introduced in detail
Cold Pilger Mill for the general plastic Cold Pilger Mill pull gold higher demand. The whole system is more complex, control equipment, the need for harmony between the various motors. There are many ways to heat the Cold Pilger Mill, some use of resistance wire to heat, and some use of electromagnetic heating. Where the resistance wire heating is equivalent to the use of heat transfer to heat, it is due to heat after the heat transfer into the barrel, in this process part of the heat will be consumed in the way, in addition to some Distributed in the air, which formed a waste of heat, which is tantamount to a waste of energy. The role of electromagnetic heaters to plastic machinery for heating and energy saving, can replace the old-style resistance heating, mainly in the barrel wrapped in a layer of insulation cotton, which can reduce the consumption of heat, and then wrapped in insulation cotton A layer of electromagnetic heating coil, when the Cold Pilger Mill through the power, the barrel inside the iron molecules will occur relatively strong operation, then the barrel will be hot, so compared with the traditional way this method is more power, Efficiency is also higher and from the traditional resistance to switch to the current electromagnetic heating can also save about 30 percent of the power.
How easy control of the speed of Cold Pilger Mill machine is a speed control of the demand is very high, a mechanical equipment, the control system can provide a very accurate and smooth line speed. The system uses four servo motor control, fully satisfied with the data between the real-time interaction between each group of shafts between the real-time data exchange servo steel straightening cutting machine. In order to ensure that the local side of the trajectory side line according to the algorithm, the demand for the line of the wire can be quickly calculated by the drive itself, since the drive motor line, greatly Eliminating the traditional cold-skinned machine control system of the direction of the line to calculate, and then because the time delay sent to the drive, to ensure that the line line to minimize the delay through the controller.
Cold Pilger Mill is a commonly used processing equipment, which is a combination of many precision components, with the technical progress and improve the function, Cold Pilger Mill for the field is also constantly expanding. In order to obtain a good drawing effect, the production process must control its relationship with the empty variable, which contains the specific content?
If the relationship between the drawing process and the controlled variable as a basis, then the Cold Pilger Mill can be divided into two types of control type, one is the direct indicator control, there is a direct index control. The so-called direct index control, refers to the controlled variable itself needs to control the process indicators; but in fact because of various restrictions can not be directly obtained, so only indirect control.
No matter which side, have a direct impact on the operation of the Cold Pilger Mill effect, so the important relationship between them is beyond doubt. As a user of us, we should also be aware of this and strengthen our focus on this.
The traditional Cold Pilger Mill heating method there is a serious loss of body damage. The traditional heating method is to burn the heating and electric heating method. These two methods in the energy conversion process simply produce open flame, high temperature, waste gas and other pollution, but also easy to cause safe production trouble, there is a large power consumption, low power level defects. Loss, if the coal heating temperature is not high enough, and can not be balanced heating, simply screw deformation, plastic melting thick and thin inconsistent, the material is not smooth, etc., resulting in the production of goods because of uneven heating caused by gloss and color effect Down, the quality is not guaranteed.