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The Main Features Of Cold Pilger Mill
Jun 15, 2017

The main features of Cold Pilger Mill

Hydraulic and mechanical two kinds of movements, lifting and rotating freely, to adapt to a variety of locations; general and explosion-proof configuration, safe and reliable, the use of high-speed, high-speed, Operation and maintenance is simple; production continuity, the material can be quickly dispersed and dissolved, decentralized effect, high production efficiency, smooth operation, easy installation. For different materials viscosity and handling capacity of different power and model.

First, the cold-skin machine with stepless speed: electromagnetic speed, frequency control (such as for water-based paint) and explosion-proof frequency control (such as for oil-based paint) and other forms. Stepless speed control function can fully meet the different process requirements of the process, according to the different stages of the process to choose a different speed. Powder without additives, the integrity of the package requires a higher material does not apply.

Second, the Cold Pilger Mill under the dispersion plate was laminar flow state, different flow rate of the slurry layer spread each other, play a role in dispersion. High-speed cold-skin machine with hydraulic lift, 360-degree rotation, stepless speed regulation and other functions. Can be configured at the same time 2-4 containers, hydraulic lift stroke 1000 mm, 360 degree rotation function can better meet a multi-purpose machine, in a very short period of time from one cylinder to another cylinder to operate, Large to improve the efficiency, but also reduce the labor intensity.

Third, the Cold Pilger Mill in the distribution of 2.5-5mm at the edge of the formation of turbulent flow, the slurry and the particles are subject to strong shear and shock.

Fourth, the cold-skin machine is mainly for different viscosity slurry liquid raw materials for crushing, dispersion, emulsification, mixing, through the dispersion plate up and down the high-speed operation of the new high-efficient mixing equipment, the material for high-speed strong shear, Crushed, dispersed, to achieve rapid mixing, dissolved, scattered, refined function. Feed area, while inhalation from the axial working chamber.

Cold leather machine is widely used in high viscosity, high elastic plastic materials, kneading, kneading, crushing, stirring, curing, re-polymerization and so on. Cold leather machine with a uniform mixing, no dead ends, high efficiency kicking.

It is especially suitable for chewing gum, toothpaste, toothpaste, plastic, rubber, silicone rubber, dyestuff, pigment, ink, food gum, pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical, architectural coating, carbon, fiber and so on. High viscosity sealant, neutral glass glue, aluminum paste, silicone, pulp, cellulose, battery paste, dyes, silicone resin, cosmetics and other industries. Laizhou Zelin machinery welcome your inquire.