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The Role Of Electric Roller In The National Economy
Nov 02, 2017

The Role of Electric Roller in the National Economy
As the electric Roller has the advantages of compact structure, high transmission efficiency, low noise, long service life, smooth operation, reliable operation, good sealing, small space, easy installation and maintenance, and is suitable for working in a variety of harsh environmental conditions, including Wet, muddy, dust and more working environment, so at home and abroad have been widely used in electric mining Roller, metallurgy, coal, transportation, energy, food, tobacco, chemicals, building materials, post and telecommunications, aviation, agriculture, forestry, printing, commercial and other Production and construction. Electric Roller is used for the production of fixed or mobile belt conveyors that are newly produced each year. For every 100m long conveyor, two or so electric rollers are required.
With the development of modern industry, electric Roller as a driving roller has been widely used in various production lines in the roller conveyor and roller conveyor, used to transport pieces of goods. Into the 20th century, 70 years later, electric Roller application of the expansion of the very fast. For example, the tapered electric Roller turns the roller conveyor into a breeze. Therefore, the airport, post office can use it to sort baggage, parcels and other goods. Both ends of the diameter of the small diameter, similar to the shape of the hyperopia of the electric Roller, can be used for forest transport logs. After specially designed, it can be made into a winding wire rope, cable and other flexible rope winding Roller, and can be made in Roller high temperature materials or high temperature billet. Some special electric rollers can be used as a dewatering roll during chemical fiber processing. If a spiral blade is welded to the cylindrical surface of the Roller body, a lightweight screw conveyor can also be made. In addition, two-speed, three-speed or continuously variable electric Roller has been widely used in supermarkets and technology-intensive products on the production line. Manufactured flameproof electric Roller can be used in flammable, explosive environments. In recent years, there have been attempts to apply micro-electric Roller to the travel service industry. For example, hotels, restaurants in the shoe shine, curtains and so on. In short, with the electric Roller design, continuous improvement of manufacturing technology and continuous improvement of manufacturing materials and the introduction of high-tech, electric Roller more and more widely used, electric Roller in all areas of the national economy more and more important role The
With the rapid development of industry, machinery manufacturing industry has also developed by leaps and bounds, the same as one of the important core components of the delivery of Roller has also been a better development, but the market price of many products vary widely, then in the end affect the delivery of Roller price factors What?
1, different models of product price difference
Roller prices vary widely between brands, even for the same brand of different types of roller Roller because of the design concept, and then material selection, in the production process, the product performance is different so the product between the different models The price difference is also great, this is the inevitable result.
2, imported brands and domestic brands between the price difference
It is said that the price of Roller is significantly higher than that of domestic products, and the price is obviously higher than that of domestic products. And some even a difference of several times.
3, different delivery Roller brand influence
The same transport Roller different brands of product prices vary widely, especially high-end brand products and ordinary small brand product price difference is great, the reason for this, because some of the big brands of products more quality performance guarantee, in the final analysis These enterprises after years of fierce competition in the market has a valuable accumulation of wealth, so won the competitiveness of the upgrade, while the price of the product with the product investment is also constantly raise the price.
Grasping the factors that affect the delivery of Roller prices We can not simply buy the product by price, but from our actual needs to choose the price more reasonable quality product protection.