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There Are Several Reasons Why The Surface Of The Monofilament Pulled Out Of The Drawing Machine Is Oxidized
Sep 20, 2017

There are several reasons why the surface of the monofilament pulled out of the Drawing Machine is oxidized
If the Drawing Machine pulled out the surface of the monofilament appeared in varying degrees of oxidation this time to check the problem appeared in there? First check the water temperature of the sealed room, if more than 40 ℃ then this seal can not achieve the effect of cooling, and it is necessary to always check the cooling water circulating equipment is running normally, the cooling effect is normal, so to ensure that The temperature of the monofilament in the annealing chamber can not be oxidized by the oxygen in the air at high temperatures in the sealed chamber. Second, to check the coolant saponification solution content, if not enough will be the temperature rise of monofilaments resulting in oxidation.Finally check the sealed room in the cooling water pressure, if not normal will make the monofilament can not reach the cooling Effect, so to regularly check the circulating water pressure is normal
 Drawing Machine quietly developed in the machinery market, especially stainless steel wire Drawing Machine with its own natural advantages, the majority of machinery manufacturers of all ages. In this quality is the fundamental wire Drawing Machine in the field, the price is very expensive, the mechanics of the machine's primary requirement is to have excellent quality, long service life. Then the stainless steel wire Drawing Machine is exactly in line with the requirements of the machine, a moment, the stainless steel has become the new darling of the machine building materials, stainless steel wire Drawing Machine with its irresistible advantage swept the wire Drawing Machine market, became a veritable "steel" king
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Drawing Machine supplies the operating advantage is obvious, and the operation and other tools compared to more simple and easier to get started. But in the operation must be strictly in accordance with the operating procedures to carry out, so that it can be safe operation, so that wire Drawing Machine supplies better work for the production to bring greater convenience.
 Since the Drawing Machine system is a speed requirement is very high, this system needs to provide a very accurate and smooth linear velocity. If used in the ordinary plastic wire Drawing Machine pull gold higher requirements. The operation of this system requires coordination between the various motors.
  The working principle of plastic wire Drawing Machine
Pull the head of the continuous production equipment, by gradually drawing by the composition of a number of wire Drawing Machine, a one-time cold drawn steel wire, copper wire, wire and other required specifications, and finished product winding winding work efficiency is relatively high, the equipment covers an area of small The The plastic wire Drawing Machine is driven by several parts of the wire, drawing, water cooling, wire and cable, including electric drive mainly by the actinomotive motor cable motor motor to achieve its production quality and efficiency is essential for the enterprise of. Wire Drawing Machine, mainly by some basic steps of the wire drawing process, the accuracy of the requirements of the whole link is not too high, Drawing Machine, plastic wire Drawing Machine control, mechanical drawing, But also part of the dual-frequency control of the mechanical drawing, and even can be sent directly to draw the line tension draft wire Drawing Machine, to achieve free off the line, drawing the link is the most important aspect of our work in the machine.
  The quality of the pretreatment of wire rod or bar is directly related to the quality of standard parts and other metal products manufacturing enterprises. The Drawing Machine belongs to the metal equipment industry. The metal wire Drawing Machine and wire Drawing Machine are widely used in steel wire, Stress steel wire, standard parts and other metal products production and pre-processing. Is widely used in industrial applications, machinery and equipment, widely used in machinery manufacturing, metal processing, petrochemical, plastics, bamboo products, wire and cable industries. According to its use can be divided into metal wire Drawing Machine (for the standard parts and other metal products pre-processing), plastic wire Drawing Machine (for the plastic products industry in polyester, nylon, polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester chips as raw materials All kinds of hollow, solid garden wire or flat wire for deep processing of special equipment), bamboo wire Drawing Machine (for the bamboo products industry in the production of chopsticks, toothpicks, barbecue sticks, etc. pull out bamboo wire, wood for re-processing of special Equipment) and so on