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These Are Related To The Drawing Machine
Sep 11, 2017

These are related to the Drawing Machine
Usually the Drawing Machine is always used for long-term use of drawing template, because of its work when the mold wall will always be a different wire of the strong erosion and friction, usually cause some wear and tear, usually in the material entrance to the formation of a small dent The If there is a cable die ring groove, will accelerate the wear and tear of the template, if not timely repair, the loss will continue to increase, and then will greatly increase the difficulty of repair, serious words will make the ring groove deeper cracks, Completely broken broken scrap.
To avoid this situation, the operator must be based on the daily work of fine experience, for the wire Drawing Machine equipment, a set of routine maintenance of the standard standard. During the operation, once the template has a slight wear and tear, to be timely polishing, so that the template can be restored in a short period of time to the original polishing state, and its hole size will not have much change.
  For the Drawing Machine this mechanical equipment is necessary to understand and understand, not only because it is the main product on the site, but also in the machining industry, is also one of the commonly used equipment. So, will there be the need for learning. So, based on this, and the front has already begun, then the following, may wish to continue to go on, so that you can also speed up the product learning speed.
    1. Drawing Machine in the pulley-type Drawing Machine and straight into the wire Drawing Machine, which kind of effort? As well as which province distance? In addition, the Drawing Machine calculation formula, specifically what?
    These two problems, due to, have a certain professional, so the following, by the wire Drawing Machine manufacturer Wuxi Cheng Ling, to give a specific answer.
     Drawing Machine in the pulley-type Drawing Machine and straight into the wire Drawing Machine, in these two wire Drawing Machine, pulley-type wire Drawing Machine is more effort, as well as straight into the wire Drawing Machine from the province. As for the Drawing Machine calculation formula, there are several, such as drawing on the calculation of the formula, and drawing on the formula with the formula. Therefore, should be based on the calculation requirements, select the corresponding calculation formula, can not be used indiscriminately.
    2. Drawing Machine for one hour pull how many silk, how should you count?
     Drawing Machine, which can pull a few hours of silk, which can be calculated steps and methods to carry out preliminary estimates. According to the manufacturer of wire Drawing Machine Wuxi introduction, you can calculate the traction drum circumference, and then measure the traction drum per minute laps, get the specific value, multiply it by 60, you can get the machine every hour The number of turns, thus, to calculate the length of the Drawing Machine Drawing Machine, get accurate results.
    These are related to the Drawing Machine, at the same time, we all have to know and firmly grasp, because they are actually working may encounter
  1. The price of the tank Drawing Machine
       Water tank Drawing Machine, the price level, in the water tank Drawing Machine manufacturers Cheng Ling seems, mainly by the wire size, as well as drawing the configuration requirements of these two to decide. And, there are several kinds of water tank Drawing Machine, so sometimes, the price is also related to the type of wire Drawing Machine.
       2. Drawing of water tank Drawing Machine
       In the drawing of the tank Drawing Machine in this regard, the understanding of the water tank Drawing Machine manufacturers that can start from its definition, to carry out in depth, so that you can have a thorough and comprehensive understanding.
       Water tank Drawing Machine, which generally has a number of pull head, through the combination of these pull head to form a continuous production of equipment. Moreover, the pull head, can be achieved step by step pull. Its pull the head of the drive, it is by the motor or gear box to complete.
For us, need to know is that if there are different drawing mode configuration, then the drawing speed of each pull head is inconsistent, there are some corresponding changes. But in the benchmark, is to keep the same, that is, for each moment, the material through the dies of the second flow volume, should remain unchanged.
       The drawing of the Drawing Machine is done by means of a mechanical shaft. Also, all of its mechanical shafts are driven by the same spindle. So, for its synchronization and coordination, we should control is good.