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Used In The Drawing Machine Which Industry
Oct 11, 2017

Drawing Machine industry, involving a wide range of equipment, the common Drawing Machine has a water tank-type Drawing Machine, straight into the wire Drawing Machine, pulley-type Drawing Machine, inverted Drawing Machine, Drawing Machine is mainly used in copper wire, stainless steel wire And other metal cable materials processing, cable manufacturing industry is extremely important processing equipment. With the continuous development of frequency control technology, frequency converter has been widely used in the Drawing Machine industry, bear the drawing speed, tension coiling, multi-level synchronous control and other aspects of the application of the inverter, greatly improving the Drawing Machine Of the level of automation and processing capacity, effectively reducing the unit's energy consumption and maintenance costs, has been widely recognized by the industry.
Line: the wire of the line, for the entire wire Drawing Machine link, the control is not too high precision requirements, most of the Drawing Machine, the operation of the line is driven by the drive to achieve the line, but there are some double Frequency control of the Drawing Machine, and even directly through the wire drawing thread tension drawn into the wire Drawing Machine, to achieve free off the line;
Drawing: drawing is the most important part of the Drawing Machine. Different metal materials, different silk varieties and requirements, drawing links are very different, the article will be described later in detail the water tank Drawing Machine and straight into the Drawing Machine specific operation process;
Take-off: the speed of the connection process determines the entire Drawing Machine production efficiency, but also the most difficult part of the entire system control. In the take-up part, the commonly used control technology has synchronous control and tension control to achieve the rolling of metal products
In the process of production of wire often frequent broken wire situation is mainly caused by the following factors:
1. Drawing Machine in the uninterrupted production will be due to the normal wear and tear of the drawing die of the sizing area becomes larger.
2. Due to the quality of various rods. In the production process, the bar irregularly appear quality defects, which makes the wire in the drawing deformation by a variety of unpredictable tension pull off. This situation occurs when the rod is good.
3. As the production of the annealing current is not constant, the current suddenly high, the wire in the annealing process was pulled off or the sudden high current fuse.
The solution to the above situation: in the production before the production of rods to do a full self-test, the timely detection of rod quality defects, according to different situations in time to find the appropriate countermeasures, or reduce the Drawing Machine drawing speed, or This section is defective. Production is constantly observed in the drawing of the annealing current is normal, especially in the beginning of the time, with particular attention to the change in the annealing current, according to changes in line speed to adjust the size of the annealing current, so that the annealing current slowly with the line Speed increase and increase, to ensure the normal operation of the Drawing Machine equipment.
The past two years, the domestic Drawing Machine industry in the overall quality of the level of no small development, the overall quality and relatively advanced foreign straight Drawing Machine between the gap is also slowly narrowing, but also in the price Even beyond the foreign some similar products.
With China's mechanical processing in the upgrading of technology, the inverter in the control of the technology is also constantly vigorously promote and apply. Some of our domestic manufacturers of inverted vertical Drawing Machine and water tank Drawing Machine equipment, and some have been able to enter the high-grade wire Drawing Machine in the industry; and some manufacturers of large rolls of the Drawing Machine has been widely applied to PC manufacturing, a certain degree of replacement of the imported equipment; other straight into the wire Drawing Machine is more widely used in some domestic welding consumables manufacturers.