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What Are The Effects Of The Drawing Machine After Energy Saving?
Sep 01, 2017

What are the effects of the Drawing Machine after energy saving?
Of course, is a good way to change the transformation, for the Drawing Machine, the most urgent need to transform is its energy-saving technology. In the impact of the mechanical function of the wire Drawing Machine itself on the basis of the implementation of a lot of transformation technology, but I do not know how effective?
At present the market launch of the wire Drawing Machine consumption is a bit big, so the need for a corresponding energy-saving technology to be used, after a real attempt, found that the biggest feature of the wire Drawing Machine is to save power to 55%; and greatly improve the power supply transformer Degree, can install more production equipment.
Second, the speed of the wire Drawing Machine is also an effective improvement in the speed of the same conditions can be pulled out more than 3 to 4 silk, greatly increasing the production. In addition, the plant also reduced the cost of ventilation and cooling costs, improve the production site environment.
The importance of the wire Drawing Machine in the production process does not need to be emphasized again, but the inspection before the use of things to be emphasized again, to further deepen the impression of people in this regard, which can reduce the failure rate of the Drawing Machine.
Check one of the contents of the ground, be sure to ensure that the wire Drawing Machine electrical equipment has a good grounding in order to use, to prevent electric shock accident. Followed by lubricants, timely added to help reduce the wear and tear of the Drawing Machine parts. In the course of its operation, strictly prohibit the staff free to touch the hand wheel, handle and electrical buttons, so as to avoid accidents; and the table is not allowed to place tools and other objects, so as not to affect the use of the machine.
When you start the wheel, no one can stand in front of the wheel, otherwise there may be accidents. In addition, the machine tool set by the wheel shield, belt protective cover and other safety devices must be intact, and not free to remove.
Drawing Machine is a commonly used processing equipment, which is a combination of many precision components, with the progress of technology and functional improvement, Drawing Machine for the field is also constantly expanding. In order to obtain a good drawing effect, the production process must control its relationship with the empty variable, which contains the specific content?
If the relationship between the drawing process and the controlled variable as a basis, then the Drawing Machine can be divided into two types of control type, one is a direct indicator control, there is a direct index control. The so-called direct indicator control, refers to the controlled variable itself need to control the process indicators; but in fact because of various restrictions can not be directly obtained, so only indirect control.
No matter which side, have a direct impact on the operation of the Drawing Machine, so the important relationship between them is beyond doubt. As a user of us, we should also be aware of this and strengthen our focus on this.
Practice tells us that the Drawing Machine drawing speed and pull force can not be improved at the same time, in improving the equipment operating speed, pull force will be reduced. Why is there such a state? Xiao Bian for everyone to analyze the reasons.
To say the root of the words, because the speed of the Drawing Machine at the same time, its lubrication conditions have also been improved, thereby reducing the friction coefficient, so to overcome the external friction and additional shear deformation required force will also be reduced, which will make Drawing force has also been reduced. In fact, this way, or good, at least the Drawing Machine safety system will improve a lot.
But the Drawing Machine drawing speed can not be too high, otherwise the device starts the moment the wire is easy to pull off, even if you want to use high-speed Drawing Machine, it should also pay attention to configure the appropriate speed control device, and to ensure that the operation process Of the steady acceleration to ensure that the drawing operation can be carried out normally.