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What Are The Specific Equipment Of Continuous Casting Equipment
Jan 07, 2017

Continuous casting equipment including ladles and ladle turret-Middle-dummy equipment-mold and mold oscillation equipment-segments (0, vertical, curved, curved, straightening, horizontal sections)-billet cutting device (such as flame cutting machine)-deburring machines.
Expansion: continuous casting equipment before the sintering equipment, blast-furnace equipment and steel-making equipment.
Sintered iron water equipment is mainly generated by the materials, divided into sintering and pelletization. The world over 90% of sinter produced by the exhaust fan-belt sintering machine.
Iron-smelting equipment used to generate the hot metal, includes blast furnace ironmaking, direct reduction and smelting reduction law.
Steel-making equipment for the production of steel and steelmaking mainly oxygen converter steel-making process, in addition to electric arc furnace steel-making method. After the casting process is rolling, is the main process-roughing-finishing mill reheating furnace-heat straightener-fast cooling device-cooling-cold-straightener-double cut-to length cut, and referrals.